Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria


Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria (USM) at Santiago de Chile since 2011. I hold a B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering from USM at Valparaiso, and a Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I worked under the supervision of Prof. Billie F. Spencer, Jr. My research interests are structural control, experimental testing, real-time hybrid simulation, random vibrations, earthquake engineering, steel design, and structural optimization, among others.

I am a member of the Chilean Association of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering (ACHISINA), and a member of the Structural Health Monitoring & Control Committee from ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI). I was awarded with the CONICYT “Becas Chile” Scholarship, the Fulbright Foreign Fellowship from the United States Department of State, and USM Faculty Development Scholarship.


  • Structural dynamics
  • Structural control and health monitoring
  • Hybrid simulation
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Steel design


  • PhD Civil Engineering, 2018

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • MS Civil Engineering, 2009

    Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria

  • BS Civil Engineering, 2004

    Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria


Adaptive compensation in RTHS

Development of specimen-free dynamic compensation algorithms for RTHS testing

Multi-axial real-time hybrid simulation

Dynamic testing of physical specimens with realistic boundary conditions

Steel plate shear walls (SSPW)

Finite element analysis of SSPW including geometric and material nonlinearity

Structural Dynamics Lab

Fabrication and installation of physical models for structural control and health monitoring experiments

Semi-active control with MR dampers

Design of semi-active control systems for seismic mitigation of civil infrastructure

Recent Publications

(2020). Decoupled model-based real-time hybrid simulation with multi-axial load and boundary condition boxes. Engineering Structures.


(2020). Online Stability Analysis for Real-Time Hybrid Simulation Testing. Frontiers in Built Environment.


(2019). Application of model-based compensation methods to real-time hybrid simulation benchmark. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing.



Grad Students


Cristobal Galmez

MS student

Real-time hybrid simulation, Adaptive compensation, Stability analysis


Diego Mera

MS student

Real-time hybrid simulation, Experimental design, Communication protocols


Maria Quiroz

MS student

Real-time hybrid simulation, Experimental design, Semi-active control

Undergrad Students


Daniel Maurel

BS student

Experimental design, Structural health monitoring, System identification


Felipe Farias

BS student

Random vibrations, Synthetic ground motions, Performance-based engineering


Felipe Rivera

BS Student

Steel plate shear walls, Shell buckling, Transverse stiffners


Javier Leal

BS student

Steel-plate shear walls, Nonlinear FEM, Shell buckling


Juan Matus

BS student

Semi-active control, Magneto-rheological dampers, Performance-based engineering


Pablo Seitz

BS student

Composite (steel-concrete) construction, Performance-based design, Direct stability analysis


Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria


Undergrad-level courses

  • CIV131 Estática de Estructuras (Statics of Structures)
  • CIV233 Fundamentos de Analisis Estructural (Fundamentals of Structural Analysis)
  • CIV234 Analisis Estructural (Structural Analysis)
  • CIV235 Dinamica Estructural (Structural Dynamics)
  • CIV336 Diseño en Acero (Steel Design)

Graduate-level courses

  • IPO426 Dinamica Estructural Avanzada (Advanced Structural Dynamics)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Invited Lecturer

  • CEE598SD Structural Damping, Spring 2020. Instructor: Prof. B.F. Spencer, Jr.

Teaching Assistant

  • CEE462 Steel Structures II, Spring 2015. Instructor: Prof. Larry Fahnestock



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