Adaptive compensation in RTHS

Project Title

Dynamic compensation of real-time hybrid simulation tests for time-varying, nonlinear structural models under seismic loading (Fondecyt IniciaciĆ³n 2019 No. 11190774)


The main goal of this proposed research is the development of specimen-free dynamic compensation algorithms for RTHS testing, that could reduce tracking errors between numerical and experimental substructures for time-dependent and nonlinear specimen interaction with the transfer systems. This improved methodology could be extremely useful to provide a simpler, rational, and flexible approach for RTHS testing, were a previously identified dynamic model of the loading system including specimen interaction is not required. To accomplish this objective, a study on adaptive control algorithms will be performed. These algorithms have many applications in different fields such as aerospace and robotics. The main hypothesis is that adaptive control algorithms can be applied to RTHS tests, where the control parameters can be adjusted on-line to improve the tracking performance and adapt to uncertain and highly nonlinear specimen interaction, while satisfying a more rational stability criteria.